First Miami Student Credit Union

Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers

Step 1:

  • Correspondent of Beneficiary’s Bank Name: Corporate One Credit Union
  • Correspondent of Beneficiary’s Bank Address: Columbus, Ohio
  • Correspondent of Beneficiary’s Bank Swift/Routing Number: 244084264

Step 2:

  • Beneficiary’s Bank Name: First Miami Student Credit Union
  • Beneficiary’s Bank Address: 2011 Armstrong Student Center, Oxford, Ohio 45056
  • Beneficiary’s Bank Swift/Routing Number: 042286853

Step 3:

  • Beneficiary’s Account Number: Your First Miami Student Credit Union Account Number
  • Beneficiary’s Name: Your Name
  • Beneficiary’s Address: Your Miami Address

***Note: The Swift/Routing Numbers for these two Credit Unions are different.
***Each step is necessary in order to complete the wire transfer.