First Miami Student Credit Union

International Students

International Students

How can I pay my tuition?

Options are listed below:

  1. Directly wire funds to the university.
  2. Open up a local bank account at First Miami and pay the University online or write a check with your account. Have more flexibility to trace and manage your money in case errors happen during a tuition payment transaction.
  3. Pay by credit card. It is convenient but you will be charged a convenience fee that is 2.9% for bills up to $3,000 and 2.3% for any amount over $3,000.

Note: pay on time to avoid a $150 late fee.

How can money be wired into my account?

Step 1:

  • Correspondent of Beneficiary’s Bank Name: Corporate One Credit Union
  • Correspondent of Beneficiary’s Bank Address: Columbus, Ohio
  • Correspondent of Beneficiary’s Bank Swift/Routing Number: 244084264

Step 2:

  • Beneficiary’s Bank Name: First Miami Student Credit Union
  • Beneficiary’s Bank Address: 2011 Armstrong Student Center, Oxford, Ohio 45056
  • Beneficiary’s Bank Swift/Routing Number: 042286853

Step 3:

  • Beneficiary’s Account Number: Your First Miami Student Credit Union Account Number
  • Beneficiary’s Name: Your Name
  • Beneficiary’s Address: Your Miami Address

***Note: The Swift/Routing Numbers for these two Credit Unions are different.
***Each step is necessary in order to complete the wire transfer.

Why should I establish good credit in the US?

Establish your personal credit history in the United States early to get cheaper debt, larger loans, and easier access to financing in the future. The following could help build your credit history and improve your credit score:

  • Pay utilities and telephone in your name
  • Apply for a department store or gas station card
  • Apply for credit card(s)
  • Apply for personal students loans
  • Always remember to pay your bills on time!