Visa Credit Cards

Visa Credit Card:

First Miami can give all members access to a VISA credit card. Many students graduate college without an established credit history, which leads to higher interest rates and other hassles when applying for loans or finding apartments. All members are eligible for our VISA Classic card with the following benefits:

No annual fees

Low fixed 14.99% APR

Worldwide acceptance

Easy emergency cash

Travel accident insurance

A $750 starting credit that can increase over time

This is a great way for students to build a good credit history.


Miami alumni are eligible for an upgrade to either our VISA Platinum or Gold cards. Credit limits can be raised up to $5,000 with proof of full-time employment and an excellent credit score. Both cards offer the same benefits as the Classic, but with lower fixed APRSs, 8.9% and 11.9% respectively. Credit card application forms can be found online, picked up in the office, or mailed upon request.