Checking & Savings


First Miami provides savings accounts with the college student in mind. Deposits to the accounts may be made by ACH origination, direct deposits, mail, night deposit box, wire transfer, or in person. Withdrawals may be done in person or with our convenient ATM card.

You can stop by the office Monday through Friday from 11am—5pm. It only takes a $10 minimum balance to open your share account with us. If you are interested in opening an account with us, fill out the application and bring it into our main office. If you mail the application, you must also provide a copy of a state-issued ID (i.e. driver’s license) with the application. We must verify that you are a Miami University student, alumni, or family member.


In addition to share accounts, First Miami also offers a checking account. With a checking account, students can order personalized checks with a Miami design to take care of any on-campus bills. One of the main features a checking account allows for is the use of a debit card. In today’s world, ATM/debit cards are becoming the norm rather than the exception. We require a $100.00 minimum balance. A small fee will be charged if your balance is below $100.00 at the end of the month.