First Miami Student Credit Union

Incoming Freshman

Incoming Freshman

First Miami provides the ideal banking experience for Miami freshmen.  Conveniently located in the center of campus in Armstrong Student Center, First Miami is one of two financial institutions on Miami’s Oxford Campus. 

Additionally, since First Miami is student-run, members interact with workers who understand the questions they may have regarding financial decisions.  First Miami employees are readily available to assist members and are able to easily relate to their specific problems.

Where are First Miami ATMs?

First Miami allows you to use any ATM fee free (fees charged by the ATM operator do apply).

How can my parents send me money to put into my account?

Most students will receive checks or cash from their parents and come in to deposit their money. Parents typically send money through the mail to students’ dorms. It’s free and it gets the students used to handling and depositing money. They can also send it to the credit union’s office.

Another way is electronically through an ACH origination. It’s a small fee but it only takes 24 hours to take effect. It is commonly used for large amounts or for quick transactions. The information we need includes the following: First Miami account number, amount, name of account holder at the other bank/CU, their phone number, the name of the other bank/CU, the routing number of the other bank/CU and the account number from the other bank/CU. Call the office for more information.

Lastly, First Miami uses wire transfers. These also have a small fee but are common for international transfers.

If I work on campus, can I have my paychecks sent directly to First Miami?

Yes. Like any other bank or credit union, First Miami members can set up direct deposit through their employer. Call the office for the routing number.

Why should I bank with a credit union verses a bank?

Banks are generally more profit-oriented than credit unions, and as a result, typically have higher interest rates. As a student-run university credit union, First Miami operates for the students. We’re primarily focused around students helping students and teaching the basics about financial literacy.