First Miami Student Credit Union



First Miami offers a wide range of loans to all members, such as:

Student Loans

Student loans and student loan refinancing are available through our partner LendKey.

Relocation Loans

Designed primarily for graduating seniors, relocation loans are designed to help the student about to enter the real world. For students moving into an apartment after graduation, first month’s rent, security deposit, furniture, and other miscellaneous expenses can make it difficult for students to make ends meet.

Spring Break Loans

Towards the end of the school year, paying for a spring break trip could be difficult for some. Get a loan from First Miami to help pay for that trip until your summer job begins.

Computer & Book Loans

College is expensive. Sometimes the demands of certain classes and programs can interfere with a student’s financial position. Come into First Miami today to discuss possibilities of taking out a short- or long-term loan to help pay for your computer and books.

Miscellaneous Loans

Need a loan for medical expenses, refinancing all your existing debt, or some other use? First Miami can help provide you with a solution to your financial needs and can advise you on the best way to achieve your goals.